Cybervein (CVT) trading 1.9% higher against USD, market cap $7.80m

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Updated: 07 June 2019
  • CVT can be bought on exchanges including HitBTC and Bilaxy
  • UUU, EOSDAC, DAN and SNIP also rise against US dollar

Decentralised blockchain CyberVein (CVT) climbed 1.9% in trade against USD on Thursday morning as its market capitalisation reached $7.8m.

Just over $113,000 CVT has been traded during the 24-hour period to 7 am ET this morning, but it remains 9.1% lower against the US dollar for the last week. One token is now valued at $0.0074 or 0.00000093 BTC.

Other big movers on Thursday included U Network (UUU), which soared 41.1% against the dollar and Daneel (DAN) which advanced 10.8%.