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Can I take a trading course to speed my progress as a new trader?

Can I take a trading course to speed my progress as a new trader?
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Dennis Mayer time-icon4 weeks ago
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Sheila Olson
Answered time-icon4 weeks ago

Taking a course to improve your trading results is a worthwhile endeavour that could speed up your progress toward becoming a better trader. However, not all courses are created equal. Some are poorly structured and may even derail your progress as a trader. Therefore, you should have a way of assessing the different courses available to you before deciding which one you want to purchase. All good courses offer their content in a well-structured format that can take you from beginner to expert if applied over time. Here are the features to look out for.


Introductory section

A good trading course should have the first few sections dedicated to introducing beginner traders to the global financial markets and how they work. These sections should cover the basics of trading and explore the various ways in which a trader can make money trading in depth.

The introductory section should also teach traders how to place and close trades based on the assumption that some traders might have zero knowledge of the financial markets. The best courses have a well-structured introductory section that helps beginner traders get up to speed on how to trade the markets.


Risk management

Once a trader understands how the global financial markets work, the next crucial concept that they must understand is risk management. Many successful investors and traders have said that the first rule of trading is not to lose money, which is quite true. Risk management is an integral part of a trader’s journey, and every trader should know how to manage their risk exposure when trading. Therefore, a trading course cannot be complete without dedicating a section of the content to teaching traders how to manage risk while trading.


Different trading styles

A good trading course should introduce you to the different trading styles used by successful traders to consistently bank profits in the markets. You will not find all the details about each different trading style as most courses focus on a single trading style, such as day trading, swing trading, and trend trading, among others.You can use free online resources to research each of the individual trading styles before committing to buying a trading course or guide that focusses on just one trading style. Each of the different trading styles has its advantages and disadvantages, which you should analyse before choosing to master a specific style.


What about your edge in trading?

Many traders have heard that their trading strategy should have an edge in the markets, which guarantees that you can make a profit trading based on the strategy. The best courses usually have back-tested results for the trading strategies outlined within the course since they are created by successful traders.

Beware of courses sold by individuals with no back-tested results as they could easily lead you to make losses in the markets by trading a strategy with no proven edge. Remember that you are paying for a trading course, which means that you should at least get more than what is available for free online, and back-tested results are one of those features.


What about the credentials of the course creator?

Last but not least, you should establish the credentials of the course’s creator, who should be a successful trader. Many mentors and course creators claim to be successful traders, but only a few will provide proof of their success. Beware of savvy marketers who are not successful traders but create and sell courses based on information they have gathered elsewhere.

Most of the content related to trading can be found for free online, which is why you should ensure that whatever course you are paying for offers more information than what is freely available. You should only buy courses from successful traders who have a deep understanding of the financial markets and what it takes to be a profitable trader.


The bottom line

Paying for the right trading course can be one of the best investments you make in your trading journey as it can drastically simplify your learning process. You should only purchase courses that have comprehensive content that can guide you in your journey from beginner or losing trader to a consistently profitable trader. Avoid courses created by savvy marketers who are not successful traders as there is little chance that they can guide you to become a truly profitable trader.

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