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How close is ABB to becoming fully CO2 neutral by 2020?

How close is ABB to becoming fully CO2 neutral by 2020?
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Peter Kimani categorie-icon time-icon6 months ago
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James Mason
Answered time-icon6 months ago

ABB Ltd (NYSE: ABB) today announced that it had a fully operational manufacturing facility that had achieved CO2 neutral status. The factory located in Luedenscheid, Germany is now 100% powered by a solar energy system during sunny days, but has backup green energy sources for less sunny days.

This is part of the Swiss-Swedish multinational engineering firm’s goal of reducing its carbon emissions by 40% before the end of 2020. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that the engineering firm will be fully CO2 neutral within that time; however, if the company keeps incorporating green energy into its operations at this rate, then this goal may be achievable in a few years.

This is a bold step by the multinational company and should be an excellent example that manufacturing facilities can become CO2 neutral with the right strategies. Given the adverse effects of greenhouse gas emissions on global climate patterns, it is my hope that more companies shall implement strategies to make their facilities CO2 neutral.

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