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How realistic is it to make a daily 2-3% return trading cryptocurrencies?

How realistic is it to make a daily 2-3% return trading cryptocurrencies?
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Sam Button categorie-icon time-icon6 months ago

Steve Walters
Answered time-icon6 months ago

Cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile, although more recently that volatility has dried up and bitcoin is now less volatile than the Nasdaq.

That lack of volatility makes it less likely that you would be able to make 2-3% daily in trading cryptocurrencies.

Even if the volatility were to return it is extremely unlikely, virtually impossible, for you to make 2-3% every single day when trading cryptocurrencies. The odds simply aren’t in your favor to get consistent daily returns like this day in and day out.

There are always going to be unexpected events that can cause you to have a bad day, or even a string of bad days. And since prices rarely continue going straight up, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll make some bad trades all on your own.

If you still think making 2-3% daily seems realistic, consider this; starting with $10,000 and compounding by 3% per day you’d end a 31-day month with roughly $25,000. Maybe that still sounds realistic? What about the $147,000 you’d have after 3 months? And if you still think it sounds realistic consider that a 3% daily return for 365 days, 1 year, would net you a grand total of just shy of $485 million.

Bitconnect promised 40% monthly returns, which is far less than a 2-3% daily return, and it was soon discovered to be a scam. There are other scams, usually Ponzi schemes, that have offered similar returns.

I know cryptocurrencies have delivered some crazy returns for people over the years, but not consistent returns over the longer term. Like any other asset class there are periods of good returns and periods of poor returns. If anyone tells you they can deliver 2% every day you should run in the opposite direction, because it simply isn’t realistic.

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