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Is Microsoft crypto-friendly?

Is Microsoft crypto-friendly?
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Craig Nicholas categorie-icon time-icon4 months ago
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Ilija Rankovic
Answered time-icon4 months ago

Not only has Microsoft declared that it’s crypto-friendly, but it has started getting involved in crypto projects. Microsoft has entered a collaboration contract with the major enterprise contract management service Icertis on a blockchain-based project aiming to create a blockchain-based contract solution. This announcement came out on 11th June.

Microsoft will help Icertis to extend its Icertis Blockchain Framework, which is designed to enhance the transparency and efficiency of contractual frameworks using smart-contract technology. The Icertis Blockchain Framework offers a solution for problems associated with contractual arrangements on the supply chain. The problems that the Framework tries to solve include combating the use of child labour, conflict materials and tainted food distribution, as well as tracing pharmaceuticals.

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