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When is O2 planning to launch its 5G network?

When is O2 planning to launch its 5G network?
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Mark Michaels categorie-icon time-icon2 months ago
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Sam Rondon
Answered time-icon2 months ago

The UK’s second-largest mobile network operator, O2, announced its plan to roll out its 5G service in October. At first, the company will launch the network in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Slough, Leeds and London, which will increase up to a total of 50 cities by 2020.

O2 will be the last of the telecommunications companies to launch 5G in the country. However, it will also be the only company that will roll out 5G without using Huawei’s equipment.

O2 have used Huawei’s equipment in the past, but for launching 5G the company will use the equipment by Nokia and Ericsson.

“We respect all three operators, they were thorough in their submissions,” O2's CEO Mark Evans said. “But we were convinced that the best choices for us at this time are our current partners, which are Ericsson and Nokia.”

Some of the locations O2 said it will provide its 5G network at are train stations, entertainment and sports venues and popular shopping centres.

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