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Which Currency Pairs Should I Watch Out For Next Week?

Which Currency Pairs Should I Watch Out For Next Week?
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Djamel Brahimi categorie-icon time-icon5 months ago
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Sam Bouman
Answered time-icon5 months ago

One of the main currencies I would suggest watching out for next week would be the JPY and CHF, due to the current situation with the trade war with China it is at quite a pivotal stage whereby investors are waiting to see whether the talks will continue or if there is no way forward, and if talks do breakdown there could be some massive sell side pressure on non safe haven currencies meaning investors will be buying into the Swiss franc and Japanese yen. At the moment we will be waiting to see how China reacts to the recent tariff increase.

So after deciding on currencies we will be watching to buy into we will then need to decide which currencies we will want to sell. Purely based on fundamentals I will be looking to further sell either the AUD or NZD, both of these countries are adversely affected by the trade war due to their close trading ties with China and we also have the added impact of the RBNZ recently cutting rates and potentially making another cut next year which will start to be priced in while Australia are expected to cut rates very soon.

So I would suggest looking at the currencies mentioned above in order to get a grasp of where the best possible market moves may be.

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