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Aleksandar Adamovic

Aleksandar Adamovic has over 20 years’ experience working in the financial markets, having started as a derivatives traders at Svenska Handelsbanken in Stockholm. Aleks later worked at the trading desks of Merrill Lynch and HSBC before becoming the youngest ever head of trading at Carnegie Investment Bank.

Most recently he worked as Head of Trading at SSE Capital, a NY based hedge fund. Aleksandar has also worked with developing Trading and Risk Management tools for portfolio managers and traders, covering mostly the psychology of the trader and p/l management. He also worked as an advisor for several firms when it comes to options and volatility related questions.

Cognitive Dissonance

8. November 2019 11:26 o'clock - aleksandaradamovic
Markets don’t top on bad news, they top on good news. I have always said…


6. November 2019 8:47 o'clock - aleksandaradamovic
The recession story has been one of the big global stories this year, if not…

Oil to follow Equities?

4. November 2019 16:55 o'clock - aleksandaradamovic
What happened to sleepy oil? Oil has been one of the worst performing assets lately…

Breaking Up

4. November 2019 9:35 o'clock - aleksandaradamovic
Consolidations, consolidations, consolidations. I wrote about the psychology of range bound markets and what takes…

Love Gold

1. November 2019 8:46 o'clock - aleksandaradamovic
Let’s review the long gold arguments I outlined over the past weeks. Gold is moving…

Watch out for Emerging Markets

30. October 2019 16:24 o'clock - aleksandaradamovic
Emerging markets ETF, EEM, continues to be a longer term under performer, but has been…

Always be prepared

29. October 2019 15:15 o'clock - aleksandaradamovic
What a great year for the bulls, especially this last melt up move. I have…

Oil – thank you for this time

28. October 2019 17:56 o'clock - aleksandaradamovic
Oil, according to many the real economy, has moved higher over the past two weeks…