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David Becker

David started his trading career as a trading analyst at Morgan Stanley in the late 1980's. He worked designing trading strategies for the foreign exchange group before moving to Ezra Zask Associates as a Hedge Fund Trader. In 1995 David moved to Citgroup starting as Vice President of the company's London based Fixed Income Division and later went on to become global trading manager where he oversaw a team of 15 traders with annual profits in excess of $50 million. David currently provides consulting and portfolio management for Fortuity LLC where he provides oversight for a multimillion-dollar portfolio.Linkedin

TD Line Breakout Strategy

30. September 2019 13:45 o'clock - davesbecker
The difficulty in determining a pivot point in sentiment was accomplished by DeMark in creating…

EMA Crossover Strategy

29. June 2018 7:51 o'clock - davesbecker
What is important to understand about the EMA is that it does not work all…