Can I buy 1 share of stock?

Hello, thanks for asking! 

You most definitely can buy one share of stock, or a single stock, actually it is advised from the experts working at Forbes magazine that beginners should buy one single secure stock that will enable them to get ahead and learn the basics when it comes to the stocks trading.

You can also buy stock through a broker if you have some extra money because brokers charge around $100 per stock purchased, or you can go through online brokers which cost less ($10-$20) but for that price, you won’t get any guidance and expertise coming from brokers regarding the specific stock.

Prior to buying a stock, it is a good thing to “screen” it, which means to check its previous prices, trading volumes, standard and cap lines, and other things which may prove as indicators of how well your stock will perform in the future.

When you are ready to buy the stock, you should sign in to your account, add the wished stock to your cart, and click the review order in that section so you can choose the number of stocks you wish to buy. The last step is to purchase, and after that the stock is yours.

There is an alternative way of being, which is directly from corporations, there are numbers of larger corporations which offer this form of purchase when you buy stocks like this, you don’t pay commission.