How can I choose the best cryptocurrency exchange?

Hello Jovan,
As a keen investor, selecting the proper cryptocurrency exchange is one of the most significant for you to do. You need to know what you want to achieve before you choose the correct exchange. Choosing the wrong plan could possibly lead to losses.
You need to conduct ample research to understand the reputation of various exchanges. Investors have seen themselves in unworthy situations for being involved in exchanges, which turned out to be scams.
Some exchanges usually compensate their users under certain circumstances. Therefore, you should take your time and account on whether the exchange you are taking part in can provide you with an insurance fund in case you suffer any damage.
You also need to know what the asset prices are since they tend to vary. These variations depend on the user's location, the volume of the item they are trading, among others.
You, however, need to do your own research not only on how you can choose the best digital currency for exchange but also on the entire industry to know how it works.