What strategies can I impose to succeed in going short while CFD trading?

Hello Myles,
A contract for differences is an excellent way to profit by trading in stocks in this market. In CFD, you make use of leverage, whereby you only contribute just a fraction of the amount required.
Short-term trading in CFD is the most efficient way for you to make more gains. Here, you only hold trades for a short time, maybe a few hours or a couple of days.
You should place your focus on only a few markets to succeed in trading for a short period. You also need to understand the price movements if these markets.
Immediately you spot a certain market trend; then, you need to trade using this trend up until it shows slowing down signs.
Also, you can place many trades at a particular trading session. The focus of this is to take off profits that are small for that small price.
Day trading is another technique that you can employ. It will require you to sell off the position you have in the market before the trading closes.