Can CFD be affected by market conditions?

Hello Ryan,
A contract for differences has become a widely known form of investing too many upcoming investors.
It is a platform that enables a trader to make gains by speculating whether the cost of a fundamental asset will rise or fall without necessarily owning that asset. Price changes are what is essential in this market.
Just like any other market, a CFD market is usually affected by various market conditions.
Since you are gambling on whether the market prices of capital such as shares will rise or fall, then it is more than probable that you will be affected by much weighty market conditions.
Any small underperformance in the CFD market will result in losses since CFD are usually affected by leverage.
More so, if you are trading CFD at a time when the future outlook of the economy is unpredictable, then this trade is risky and may result in significant losses.
It is usually impossible for even expert traders in this market, to predict the price movements no matter how stable the market may be looking.