What is a good CFD news trading strategy?

Hi Lindsay,

Current news has the potential to influence CFD asset prices while creating new opportunities. Many traders have adopted monitoring headlines as an avenue to determine an overriding bias, in the process, creating strategies for entry into new market positions.
Economic Data News Headlines
A market position strategy will rest on data that various countries release into the market. Such releases tend to enhance price volatility within the short term. Releases cover job additions or losses, trade balances, manufacturing production data, inflation figures, or interest rate decisions.
In most cases, news releases have a predetermined schedule with reports made available to every market participant at the same time. All CFD traders benefit from relatively predictable volatility in an environment where insider information is not a requirement to create an edge over the market.
The First Friday Example
The United States Nonfarm Payrolls, a leading market movement news release, happens on every first Friday of the month. It reveals the total number of jobs that have been created during the month. 
CFD analysts deem the figures to be the first gauge of the status of the US economic health. In the past, all CFD asset classes have undergone sweeping price swings, whether the number is negative or positive. CFD pricing, after this release, creates new CFD trading entry points.
Other News Releases
Usually, timing a market moving release presents CFD traders with a predictable strategy creating tool. Dividend announcement reports are planned well in advance while earning reports come out in each quarter.
There are announcements, however, that take the market by surprise. Mergers and acquisitions and management changes are examples. Such situations may create negative impacts on open positions. They provide opportunities for proficient traders, who monitor news feeds actively, and are quick to take new positions based on such surprises.