How can I choose the best CFD trading platform?

Hello Danny,
The chief foundation in your investment journey is the trading platform you choose to work with. It is, therefore, crucial for you to select the platform that will offer you the attributes you require and at a reasonable fee.
As a serious CFD trader, the platform you work with will be so important for you to succeed in this trade.
You need to know what you are willing to trade so that you can select a platform with the instruments that match your desires.
Understand your specific needs; this will make sure that you are not only dealing with a platform that will cater to those needs, but it also reduces the fee you will incur. It will also be simple to use this platform.
You also need to evaluate the costs that you will be incurring while trading and establish whether they are significant for you to be able to trade efficiently or whether your broker is just ripping you off.
For you to choose the trading platform you need, check out what you want from that trading platform, check whether their fees are worth it and if the platform makes you happy, then go for it.