How no stop loss will work for me with buy position on eToro?

Thanks for the question Serhii,

Stop-loss restrictions protect your capital from sharp market swings. They are mandatory for all positions except real assets and cryptocurrencies. eToro allows you to raise the stop-loss order beyond the specified limits when the trade opens. In the event of an extension, part of your balance will go into the trade thanks to the broker’s Maintenance Margin feature. Even so, a stop loss is impossible with insufficient funds. Suppose you trade with $1000, and the stop-loss limit stands at the 50% allowed maximum. The trade will end when your position reaches $500. However, an extra $500 will be drawn from your account if you decide to stretch the order to 100%. This translates to a $1000 stop loss and $1500 invested total. The additional $500 makes the maintenance margin. Though they eliminate the hassle of checking your holdings every day, stop-loss measures may trigger unnecessary sales during temporary price movements.