Is Forex trading as simple as it’s portrayed?

Hi Lindsay,

Great question.

Like other investments, Forex has its pros and cons, most of which rely on market forces. Though calling it simple is an overstatement, several factors make Forex trading friendly to beginners. 
For starters, you can make a killing from small deposits in a short period. The fact that it runs non-stop closing briefly only on weekends means you can trade as you please. Not mentioning the minimal fees, the size of your trade notwithstanding. Because the market is highly supervised, you’re less likely to lose your money to scammers. 
Just check if the broker is registered with the relevant regulatory bodies to confirm legitimacy. Best of all, you can test the waters with a demo account before starting actual trading. You can even advance to managing accounts after you master the trade. However, Forex is not an avenue for quick riches. Your earnings depend on your trading strategy and the amount you invest. Leverage is also a risk. While it increases your buying power, leverage exposes you to losses.