Weekend positions

Hi Ali.

I would say it really depends on a few factors. One that I always seem to advise on, on here is risks. So essentially what are the macro risks to your position over the weekend.If you feel there are none then by all means hold over the weekend. If there is one or more then I would say it's best not to, especially if you are new to trading. 

Another thing to be aware of is your SL. Make sure it is far from the current market price. As Sunday evenings will be low volatility and the spreads will be large, meaning you could get stopped out.

IG is a broker to be wary of in this instance, as they open there trading hours at 9pm which is an hour earlier than most. Which means even less volatility and a nice excuse for an even wider spread. It's quite a clever move from them, Im not sure if they trade against their clients but if they do then by doing this they are more likely to stop clients out and they can book profits. 

Just consider the above before holding over the weekend. If all bases are covered then you can definitely hold a position over that period.