What are some of the popular platforms for social trading?

1.       Spiking

This is a trading app that has earned credit as an app designed to help minor and average investors aiding them to comprehend the nitty-gritty issues that arise in the trading market. It is characterized by a verified real-time update that allows investors to ascertain reasons for the spike in market trading. It has earned a reputation as an app that helps average traders in following big-time investors as they go about their routine of trading on the stock market. This has helped small-time investors make decisions that are informed rather than on their instincts. It is an app that has gained thousands of big-time investors as per now.

2.       Etoro

This is a platform that allows gives users the chance to share and still gives them access to other crucial information and activities involving trading, like on social networks. This platform is characterized by features such as that of the News Feed, which gives the user a chance to keenly monitor and manually copy traders that they prefer. The Copy Trading feature also available on the app offers users the luxury of doing the coping on their behalf. The other fact that makes the app a personal favorite to many is that the demo account is free and unlimited for all users with all features being available.

3.       Covesting

This happens to be a brilliant contract-based platform that gives beginner investors the chance to connect with recognized and skilled traders and thus get the opportunity to earn profits in the vast crypto market. It is here that an investor can make profits in the crypto market and get to do this by merely applying trading strategies that they have observed from traders that are experienced and skilled. Beginner investors get to choose which trader they will copy strategies from by considering their level of trading skill. On this app, beginner investors are the ones that earn mainly while able ones only get to draw and benefit through means of profit from profit sharing from an investor.