What should I look out for before trading a cryptocurrency? 

You should pay attention to the following points prior to trading cryptocurrencies, particularly if you are a neophyte.
Target large market capitalization. Cryptos with large supply in circulation and high market cap make them less vulnerable to wild volatility and manipulation.Small market cap cryptos face wild price changes on negative or positive news, therefore easy manipulation targets for large holders.
Big trade volumes denote easy coin buying or selling. Low volumes point to liquidity challenges and traders struggling to make buys or disposing positions.
Stop-losses and taking profit may not play well into analytics of digital assets. However, do make sure you have a plan for each trade. That way you won’t mess up with emotion inspired trading.
Safely store your coins, for there is a saying you trade and keep funds on exchanges you risk losing. Proficient traders maintain digital asset wallets offline where no one else has access but them.