What are the differences between cryptocurrency trading and stock trading?

Hey Ryan,

While both sides have exchanges, crypto and stocks differ in their trading approaches. The first distinguishing factor is market reach. From maturity periods and approvals to regulations and business hours, stock trading isn’t accessible to everyone.
Conversely, cryptocurrency exchanges run nonstop, allowing immediate response to market triggers, for example, news. Crypto also supports the creation of blockchain ledgers and the subsequent development of your own ICO.
When it comes to safety, stocks carry the day. In the U.S., your stocks and funds get $500,000 each as insurance in case your broker goes under. Moreover, stolen cash can be reversed. Contrarily, crypto exchanges don’t offer insurance save for a few services like Coinbase. The absence of your name on digital coins also exposes you to theft.
Not forgetting crypto volatility that is necessary for making profits. The unsteady values can be attributed to frequent security breaches, speculation, even market manipulation. A stock’s strength, however, is measured by its stability, thus, explaining why panic-selling is more rampant in crypto markets.