What assets are available for Copy Trading

It’s possible to find most instruments and markets offered by one Copy Trader or another, but you might find it hard to find one single platform that meets all your requirements. Copy Trading has traditionally had a very strong offering in terms of Forex. As well as being a relatively liquid instrument it has a legacy of being one traded by just the kind of person who might set themselves up as a Copy Trader. Forex is also unregulated which means it has found favor with Copy Trading platforms that continue to face and address regulatory issues relating to their business model. Platforms such as Zulu Trade and eToro which offer Copy Trading continue to be particularly strong in terms of the range and number of currency traders to follow. As well as mainstream currencies, platforms continue to expand their offering of traders to copy who deals in the CryptoCurrency markets. Whilst you’ll need to be aware of the bid offer spread, which can vary greatly from Crypto to Crypto, you will find it possible to Copy Trade across a whole range including: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and many others. On a technical point the trading activity might be carried out in various instruments and in some cases long positions will involve holding the actual underlying instrument and short positions of the same thing will be held in CFD form. This is something to consider in terms of managing the not insignificant costs of financing positions but also in terms of degree of the regulatory cover provided. Copy trading is not limited to Forex and CryptoCurrencies. Led by consumer demand, platforms now offer thousands of instruments across a range of categories. Single stock CFDs are available, particularly in the big name firms such as the FAANG stocks. Popular commodities including metals and energy instruments are also available. Opportunities arise to trade using more diversified instruments and Copy Trading is possible in ETFs and various market Indices. There’s a wide range of assets available to trade, all the big names are covered, and the total range is certainly enough to satisfy the beginner and intermediate trader. You might have more difficulty finding opportunities to trade using particular strategies, for example some platforms do not allow ‘scalping’ strategies. Additionally the minimum required investment amount can vary across the service providers. Copy Trading is increasingly popular. Its many advantages appeal to a wide audience but in terms of assets offered it would be fair to describe the range as adequate rather than excellent. You might also want to bear in mind other considerations. The general sentiment is that Copy Trading means that on a day to day basis you don’t necessarily have to commit so much time to analyzing the markets as you do when trading your own account. This view itself could be questioned as you still need to be diligent. In addition, the process of selecting the right relationship is one to give significant consideration to, with factors to take into account including, but not limited to: platform fees, terms and conditions, customer support ratings and additional services on offer.