Where can I copy trade forex?

The first thing to say about copy trading is that you need to approach the subject with your eyes open. It involves hooking up your capital to the activity of another trader. Whilst there are a lot of success stories, the general advice would likely be to take on the service from one of the bigger players. Each of the below are recognized providers of the service and have a track record of delivering returns to investors. Another thing they all have in common is that setting up a Demo account is incredibly easy to do. Using a Demo account is a great way to get a feel for what is a slightly different type of trading. You may want to try them all out. All offer a good service and have features that will be appealing according to your preference. Ayondo – low minimum cash balance requirement eToro – competitive fee structure FXTM –good for bonuses and special offers ZuluTrade – thousands of signal providers and strategies to choose from Something else to consider is cash management. When trading in Demo and also when you switch to live trading it’s vital you understand what could be the size of the trades that are put on. Trading in small sizes is therefore recommended. As your intention is to replicate the investment strategy of a particular signal provider you will need to make sure you have sufficient capital to follow all the trades. Starting out in trades that are big might mean you do not then have spare margin to cover later trades. If the later trades are the winners and the earlier trades are losers then you’ll not be posting performance anything like the trader you are following. Copy trading in forex is increasingly popular. There is still, however, a hangover from the debate about whether it constitutes ‘Investment Management’. There are also some well documented potential pitfalls associated with it, in particular the ability (or not) of investors to ‘trust’ the signal manager. The number of accounts taking part and returns made are quite a story and even experienced/professional traders see it as a means of diversifying their portfolio.