Which are the most volatile currency pairs?

Hello Myles,
It is essential that you gain an understanding of the most volatile currency pairs and how you can utilize their price variations. Most of these currency pairs give you an opportunity to gain profit.
However, with their high volatility, traders are prone to more risks.
Just like the less volatile currency pairs, the more volatile pairs are affected by factors such as the value of the mother country’s exports and imports and, among others, the strength of the economy of the issuing country.
The most volatile currency is the  Australian dollar in opposition to the Japanese yen (AUD/JPY). The price of the Australian dollar is usually linked to commodities, while the Japanese Yen is the go-to currency when the economy is not doing well. Therefore, there is a varying change in the prices of these currencies depending on how the economy is performing.
The New Zealand dollar in opposition to the Japanese Yen (NZD/JPY)  is another highly volatile currency pair. NZD’s price depends on the country’s exports of agricultural produce. If the market price of these markets changes, the value of NZD against JPY changes marking this pair volatile.
Another volatile pair is the British pound against the euro (GBP/EUR). This currency pair has constantly been volatile.