Is TCM trading a scam??


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You can confirm a company’s legitimacy through its regulatory status. From FINRA to SEC, none of the major supervisors is displayed on TCM’s website. Again, there’s no evidence of its registration with the local state. The absence of a social media profile doesn’t help the situation either.
But this doesn’t rule out its genuineness. Being a crypto service, it can be excused owing to the unclear licensing procedures in the digital market. The fact that TCM’s leadership remains anonymous raises a red flag. Knowing who’s in charge lets you gauge their qualifications and uncover their fraudulent past.
The good news is TCM hasn’t encountered any security breaches. However, it struggles with traffic despite its clean record. This is understandable considering the website has only been running for 8 months.
Even so, the lock icon and “https” sign before its address prove the site is safe to visit. Moreover, the domain is not blacklisted. With the cons outweighing the pros, be wary of this site.