What do I need to start day trading in stocks as a beginner?

Hi Eric,

Stock trading can be a profitable investment venture but only if you have the requisite skills and resources to consistently and sustainably keep trading. While there is no golden rule to becoming a successful stocks trader, as a beginner, you may need to put the following into consideration:
Knowledge is the number one requirement. Before you venture into day trading, gather the right information about all the important components of day trading. There are numerous platforms online that offer courses and insights about day trading. Do extensive research and understand in detail what you need to do.
In addition to having the right knowledge, as a beginner you u Understand how day trading works, and then you must always endeavor to keep up with the current stock market trends, news, and other related events that affect stock markets.
You need funds to start trading but as a beginner, it is important that you understand your risks by constantly assessing how much you can risk on each trade. As a beginner, the recommended limit should be about 1% to 2% of your total trading account capital.
Only commit funds that you are comfortable losing if that is the outcome so that you don’t lose everything all at once.
Day trading requires time and consistency.to became a successful day trader you will have to keep track of the financial markets and identify trading opportunities. In day trading, impeccable timing coupled with swift action is a necessity if you want to succeed as a day trader.
Patience and discipline:
Patience and discipline will keep you from making rash decisions that can lead to unnecessary losses. Successful day trading will be significantly determined by your patience and discipline. Start small, be realistic about your targets, and develop a working trading strategy.