How does leverage work in CFD trading?

Hello Jovan, 
Leverage is a strong tool for any trader and is a crucial attribute in CFD trading. You can use leverage to play upon proximately mini price movement.
 You can also use it to speed up your trading space for better exposure in the financial markets. It then allows you to compel your capital to work hard for you so as to achieve higher financial profitability.
By depositing some amount of money known as margin, you will increase the vulnerability of the essential asset. Principally you are crushing a snippet of the whole utility of your trade, and your contributor will be lending you the remaining part.
These leveraged products, however, can result in losses. In CFD, the profit and losses depend on the whole value of the contract immediately; the trade is shut. Therefore if the price does not favor you, your whole trading account presumably will be canceled, resulting in looses.