Spread bet and CFD

Honestly, there is not a big difference between those two, but I have been trading on the CFD market for 5 years now. I think this is the most profitable way to win money and to win your existуnce being a trader. I think you should try it, and you have to try to trade on CFD now, as this is a very good way to make a decent income. Me and my brother started to trade on CFD on a small, unknown trading platform and we lost all the money the next day, but we had a lot of burning desire so we started all over, but this time we found a great trading platform that would fit all of our needs. We started to trade on Fondex broker trading platform, because this is the best one and we had the possibility to trade CFD on more than 1000 different markets, with all that we could have Fondex live support help any time we needed. The most important thing is to have a great and useful help from people who knows their job