What are private and public keys in cryptocurrencies?

Hello Mary,

Private and public keys in cryptocurrencies are vital for identification. Cryptocurrencies are built upon a cryptographic system that uses these key pairs. Private keys are kept confidential by the crypto holder, and they are essential to identify you as the account holder.

The most used cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, operate by applying three fundamental information segments. They include the address that helps with the balance and facilitates the transaction of funds and the address that denotes private and public keys.

Cryptocurrencies typically begin with the address starts with the private key. The public key is usually meant for transaction purposes.

The private key allows the crypto user to own the funds using a certain address. The blockchain wallet usually generates and stores the private keys for the user.

The public key is seen as your bank account, and the pin to this account is your private key. The public key generates a verified cryptocurrency address. This address acts as your identification to your account where your funds are paid.

 The private key signs the transactions that take place, which in turn gives you the ability to spend your funds. The unique signatures will show that truly you are the true owner of the funds in an account.