How is it possible to trade breakouts in a Forex market?

Hi Mary
The Forex Market Trade Breakout strategy is an effective avenue for entry into a market at the beginning of an emerging movement in price. You have a breakout when faced by a price break with closing going beyond chart psychological level.
You should not mark a psychological level with one thin line. Rather, you need to perceive a psychological level as a zone instead of a precise area with a fixed-line mark. You will have a breakout anytime the market price closed a candle outside this psychological space.
Identify real breakouts when price closes one candle beyond a psychological level. Another is price creating a bottom when the breakout is bearish or top after breaking. When price makes a comeback and tests broken resistance in support. The opposite is true within a bearish breakout. Yet another is when price breaks and bounces already created tops or bottoms in a bearish breakout.