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What is forex and how can you trade it?

Forex Learn To Trade

What is forex trading? A definition Forex comes from the term foreign exchange trading. Apart from being called forex, it is also referred to as FX by broker comparison sites and traders alike. Forex is exchanged through a global network of businesses, banks and individuals. Due to the way the market operates, currency prices constantly…

Let’s Learn About Forex and Forex Trading

Forex Learn To Trade

What is Forex? The Forex markets are the largest financial markets by turnover globally with between $5-7 trillion exchanged each day. Effectively, Foreign Exchange markets simply deal with the exchange or transfer of one currency for another. This may be done for a variety of reasons. Corporates needing to transfer revenues between currencies Investment Banks…

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Trading CFD vs Forex: Insurances and Safety Measures for Investors in 2019

Forex Learn To Trade

Advantages of Forex Forex trading is often the starting point for many new investors. This is because the way in which the market functions, the techniques involved and the strategies traders can pursue are considered to be relatively easy to understand and also to manage. Among the acknowledged advantages, for example, are: Ability to scale…