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JSE clings to last week’s gains despite poor performance by gold mining stocks

  • JSE opens at 58 341 and was trading at 58 353 just before close of trade
  • Gold mining lost 3.81%, resources stocks down 0.50%
  • Winners included Dis-chem and Woolies; losers included gold mining stocks Harmony and Anggold

After closing at 58 100 on Friday, the JSE strengthened in after-hours trading, to open at 58 341 this morning. For the biggest part of the day the exchange-traded mainly sideways, and at press time, about half an hour before close of trade, it stood at 58 353.

The best performance came from financial stocks, which gained 1.10%. Gold mining, however, had a really bad day and was 3.81% down at press time. Resources also experienced a lacklustre day and lost 0.50%.

The best individual performances came from Dis-chem (JSE: DCP) and Woolies (JSE: WHL), which gained 5.90% and 4.18%, respectively. At the other end of the spectrum gold mining firms Harmony (JSE: HAR) and Anggold (JSE: ANG) lost 5.02% and 4.89%, respectively.