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  1. Hi Simon, I had no intention to send any more money to them. I was just interested if they come up with some solution when I start approaching them and telling that I've been scammed. Now I need to find way to cover my lost due to my difficult private situation. Which broker would you suggest to look for? And thank you for your answers. Should I report the profiles on IG for the spam?
  2. hello Simon, thank you for your advice. I’ve been trying to go after his firm and I approach another account manager and what funny, there come more suspicious things. Like the manager admit that I have be scam but they find a way to get my profit and even raise it with double of my invest. They give advice that I need only to open account with some bank and that the Bitworldfx will send my profit to that bank and this bank to my bank account. Only what I need is to open saving account with deposit of $350 to activate that account. Is going to be more and more interesting. And some of account managers on IG witch they still work with that platform, keep telling that this fee needs to be pay. Shall I provide the details of that new upcoming bank? regards
  3. Thank you Simon for you answer! I’ve made a huge mistake to invest with them as I was and still I am in a difficult financial situation. I was blind trust in account manger. And everything was looking ok tot the withdrawal moment. Are there some examples of such complain forms? As I'm not native English speaker I would like to know how to write a seriously fraud letter. With regards Monika
  4. i made trade with this platform, but after my withdrawal was proceed, they start ask for commissiom, Ad Valorex Tax and some other additional payment against money laundry. after all they stop transfer of my profit and send me request to pay NFA fee in order to receive my profit. is this scam/fraud? did i need to report the fraud?
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