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  1. Hi the reason is because so many people are buying exercise bikes - also check Halfords, they stocks surged as they are selling so many outdoor bikes as thousands are buying a bike for work
  2. How to Use AskTraders Broker Complaints. You can easily log in to your AskTraders profile (or register for free) and submit details of your complaint. This service is offered free to all members of the AskTraders community and is very easy to use. We will review your complaint and make suggestions based on your specific circumstances and the broker you are dealing with. Give us as much detail as you are comfortable with in order for us to assess your situation and offer potential solutions while always, of course, keeping all sensitive and personal information private. Remember, you can also search our complaints board to see if others have had similar problems with your broker and how their complaint was resolved. You may find peace of mind in the fact that yours is a common complaint that usually gets resolved in the end, and you may benefit from seeing how others have dealt with a similar situation.
  3. Where do the pro traders think bitcoin will get to after halving?
  4. Will Covid19 continue the strengthening of the dollar? where could the dollar get to in relation to Euro? With the US infection rates racing faster than anyones, surely the Dollar will start to weaken?
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