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  1. I have seen many people claiming that they make money CFD trading, but is it true?
  2. Cody

    SNB and CHF

    Is there a way to see if the Swiss national bank is interfering in the currency market???
  3. Cody

    oil contracts

    how do oil contracts work? for example USoil on my broker went below 0 and the next day it was at $20?
  4. Cody


    Could Bitcoin reach 10k again?
  5. Looking at this as well
  6. Cody

    Moving stops

    Is moving stops to breakeven a good idea? I have seen a some say yes and some say no, so I am unsure whether it is a good idea to use in my strategy?
  7. Cody

    Bitcoin Fund

    Which broker will allow me to trade the bitcoin fund that is on the Toronto stock exchange?
  8. Cody


    The eur/gbp has been trading around the 0.8740 level for a while. Will this bounce higher? Also I believe there is an inverted head and shoulders on the hourly chart?
  9. Cody


  10. Cody


    What are peoples thoughts of arp as a long term hold? it seems they could be implemented into the mainstream. Or at least parts of the crypto technology could
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