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  1. I would understand if it was bad from economical point of view, but Massachusetts is a pretty developed city with people that can spend good money for having fun. I saw poor cities where people are collecting money to eat and they still have https://96star.asia/slots for people who wants to have fun, sounds crazy but this is the reality. So I think it the casino should be opened, because it have a lot of advantages. First can be taxes for the state, second is the entertainment for local gamblers. I could enumerate much more but I think it will be too much.
  2. I don't think that such a method can be used in order to get money. I don't think that lie is an option for this.. Why? Because I noticed that it's a lot better to play in the fair casinos where anyone is honest. Personally, I believe that there are a lot of people that are looking for money from the places where is always support. Actually, when I was looking for the casino, I've decided to try the netent top 10 casinos https://bestnetentcasino.info/en/ that have ongoing bonuses as well as the exclusive offers which are really helpful for me. They helped me a lot in difficult situations actually..
  3. I don't like snapchat at all. My favorite social media platform is the famous Instagram. I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, but anyway half of my time online goes on Instagram. I like that people on Instagram are active, open, direct, and aren’t afraid to speak of their problems as they are. Many people promote their businesses and have a great income due to Instagram. Nowadays, there is no better platform than Instagram for running your own business and simply become famous. The concept of blogger started to bloom due to Instagram. When Facebook or Twitter were on-trend, a few people were passionate about doing blogs. Though at the initial phase to become popular many bloggers you have to know how tobuy real instagram likes from https://famoid.com/buy-instagram-likes/, views, followers, and comments. It is sort of cheating, but anyway it eventually brings a lot of money.
  4. Very useful information, thank you. On the other hand, I don't know what to do with this information, lol. Maybe someday I will buy one of the newest NVIDIA gaming chips, but right now I'm using old one, because I play old games mostly. The "newest" from my list is Overwatch. I don't have much time for gaming and so I've found a service which made for me Overwatch boost fast and now I have one of the best heroes ever. Well, at least I think so, lol. My PC is quite old, but it can run Overwatch.
  5. I used to GoDaddy, Crucial, Bluehost, MangoMatter
  6. AliBaba is a very widespread organization around the world. Their branches can be found in many European countries. To keep track of all the staff you have to use strict methods of tracking employees. Recently for my business I ordered timesheet maker app on the site https://tracktime24.com/Features/Online-Work-Schedule-Maker after that, everything went up, as my employees became more organized. My profit increased by 16% and my losses fell by 32%. Statistics show that my business has started to grow three times and I'm happy about it. AliBaba, apparently, also decided to make changes in their business.
  7. Could you tell me some more information about it? Let’s talk in PM
  8. Oh! We have a much worse situation in Manchester! The state hasn't paid us the promised unemployment benefits due to the pandemic yet! Only 50% of my acquaintances are out of work, and you can imagine that this number could grow to millions of people in the whole country. Many people didn't pay off their loans and were left in very large debts. My credit was sold to a world organization frontline-collections.com and now I'm daily harassed by men in suits and demand to return the loan, but I can't return it because I don't have a job and money! This is just awful, you're very lucky with your government!
  9. That's it? I thought they were having problems with illegal selling of CBD or other stuff like that. Thank you for the information. I was searching for it.
  10. They make awesome profits from raising prices ...My supplier warned me that he will increase my tariffs and I paid 500$ for the last month and it was very much for me. I thought it would be nice to find another electricity supplier as I don't want to pay so big amount. To be honest, I am the only one in my zone who pays so much , and I thought this was because I have a pool in my house, but my neighbour told me that I am wrong. He has a pool too, even bigger than mine and he pays twice less as I do. He told me that I really need to change the supplier, because mine has the worst tariff in the area. More than that, he told me that I can use usave.co.uk to find all the available green energy suppliers in the area, to find the most affordable one. This is what he has done a year ago and now he pays 50-150$ per month, depends on the season and this supplier is very loyal!
  11. I think there is a difference between gambling and day trading because gambling teaches you more different things. Personally, for me gambling is like an art that teaches you how to be more self-sufficient and independent (not to mention that it teach you actually how to treat money correctly). I am a gambler with eight years of experience and I've seen a lot of dirty things that going on in our world. So I've chosen an online casino that has good principles such as fast and secure payment options and even legal operation which is based on gambling licenses issued by authorized bodies. It's called http://africacasinos.co.za/ and I'm grateful to it.
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