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  1. Well, i do not know a lot of details about this case. What i know is that they have been ordered to pay like 500 million dollars in Landmark Opioid Trial. What was also really interesting was the fact that this, one lawsuit, could lead to a point where we could have had like 2000 lawsuits related to the same case. I remember that there was something like the amount of money they had to pay, fell short of 17 billion. As it was the amount of money to cover the addiction treatment, drug courts and other services it said it would need over the next 20 years to repair the damage done by the opioid epidemic. Ohhh, since we talking about legal things, does anyone know how to report blackmail on internet? I really need it .
  2. The real difference between them both is that all types of stocks are equity, but not all types of equity are stocks. That being said, I mean that equity consists of all the investments and earnings made by owners, but stocks are just a way way for owners to establish an equity stake. That sounds hard but it really isn't when you have the right tools. Look, I'm talking about a certain and very helpful thing. If you're interested in that kind of help and assistance, you can look right here https://tradingskeptic.com/motley-fool-review/. I hope you'll enjoy using it. And well, thank me later!
  3. If we look at the statistics for the last years, we can observe that this company raised to a new level and I am sure they are going to do much better. Airbus is one of two leaders (near boeing) in the world and they have the best chances to increase considerably their economy. Personally, I felt that Airbus is developing on my skin. We have a private jet rentals company and the statistics shows us that Airbus aircrafts are the most solicited. I don't understand why, because there are more beautiful planes, but this is the reality, people feel safety when they think about Airbus.
  4. Facebook is not fancy and cool how it was to be years ago. I don't feel any more interested to this app. We are millions and millions right now. Mark Zuckerberg has negative reputation after so many fails including 50 millions users personal data leaked. Teenagers and adults prefer TikTok, it's different. There you can create something out of nothing. As a user I spend a lot of time online, and best I've seen is Instagram. I have a lot of followers and on my page are subscribed many famous people. A deal was 2 years ago when for 6 months I paid $20,000 for marketing purposes for my page. These guys are best to buy instagram likes for personal investments. I would never do such step towards Facebook, it's not worth it.
  5. I'm looking forward to purchase land and open a site there. I have already plan regarding tech as Forklift and crane and have team of labourers, bricklayers and scaffolding. Of course there is project manager and site manager that will keep the eye on all supervisors and their subordinates. I have experience and knowledge to do that. Wish me luck.
  6. Why not use cryptocurrencies we all know about and be safe from maximum possible perspective? I mean exchange between them.
  7. Dude, this is an awesome job if you want to get more money. I took some cisco courses and I'm working now at the IT company, but me second job is this
  8. I do actually think it would be a great idea to make all of the internet giant companies pay taxes. I mean, why should a simple worker, that works like 5 or 6 days a week at a factory, he sould pay the taxes, or even the small manufacturers that do not have such a big income they have to pay the taxes, while this kind of great companies do not. I guess this initiative is great. And make every internet giant pay the taxes, let facebook pay as much as they should for all of the networks they own right now, like instagram and whatsapp. I mean, simple people who become bloggers and buy real instagram followers, should pay the taxes in most of the countries while these companies should not?
  9. I would understand if it was bad from economical point of view, but Massachusetts is a pretty developed city with people that can spend good money for having fun. I saw poor cities where people are collecting money to eat and they still have https://96star.asia/slots for people who wants to have fun, sounds crazy but this is the reality. So I think it the casino should be opened, because it have a lot of advantages. First can be taxes for the state, second is the entertainment for local gamblers. I could enumerate much more but I think it will be too much.
  10. I don't think that such a method can be used in order to get money. I don't think that lie is an option for this.. Why? Because I noticed that it's a lot better to play in the fair casinos where anyone is honest. Personally, I believe that there are a lot of people that are looking for money from the places where is always support. Actually, when I was looking for the casino, I've decided to try the netent top 10 casinos https://bestnetentcasino.info/en/ that have ongoing bonuses as well as the exclusive offers which are really helpful for me. They helped me a lot in difficult situations actually..
  11. I don't like snapchat at all. My favorite social media platform is the famous Instagram. I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, but anyway half of my time online goes on Instagram. I like that people on Instagram are active, open, direct, and aren’t afraid to speak of their problems as they are. Many people promote their businesses and have a great income due to Instagram. Nowadays, there is no better platform than Instagram for running your own business and simply become famous. The concept of blogger started to bloom due to Instagram. When Facebook or Twitter were on-trend, a few people were passionate about doing blogs. Though at the initial phase to become popular many bloggers you have to know how tobuy real instagram likes from https://famoid.com/buy-instagram-likes/, views, followers, and comments. It is sort of cheating, but anyway it eventually brings a lot of money.
  12. Very useful information, thank you. On the other hand, I don't know what to do with this information, lol. Maybe someday I will buy one of the newest NVIDIA gaming chips, but right now I'm using old one, because I play old games mostly. The "newest" from my list is Overwatch. I don't have much time for gaming and so I've found a service which made for me Overwatch boost fast and now I have one of the best heroes ever. Well, at least I think so, lol. My PC is quite old, but it can run Overwatch.
  13. AliBaba is a very widespread organization around the world. Their branches can be found in many European countries. To keep track of all the staff you have to use strict methods of tracking employees. Recently for my business I ordered timesheet maker app on the site https://tracktime24.com/Features/Online-Work-Schedule-Maker after that, everything went up, as my employees became more organized. My profit increased by 16% and my losses fell by 32%. Statistics show that my business has started to grow three times and I'm happy about it. AliBaba, apparently, also decided to make changes in their business.
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