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  1. Radu

    Forex Trading

    ok, Thank you very much! I will try these ways.
  2. Radu

    Forex Trading

    I didn't deposit much money, I deposited $250 deposit and I gave another €200 to withdraw a lower profit, but they said that the minimum to withdraw the profit is $1250, and I didn't send anything because I don't trust them. Is there any chance I could get my money back? And yes, I'd like a reliable broker Thank you for information!
  3. Radu

    Forex Trading

    ok, I'm from Romania
  4. Hello, I would like to know some information about this broker https://www.urbanfxpro.com/welcome is the broker's website and FXTM is the trading platform. They trade for me, they make profits for me, and in order to withdraw the profit I have to pay a commission of 20% from my bank account, they cannot withdraw from the profit I made, the payment is made every week by bitcoin, I want to know if this operation is true. I asked them if they are regulated and authorized and they answered me "Our company is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cyprus with license number CIF 185/12, authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FSCA) of South Africa, with FSP No. 46614. The company is also registered with the UK Financial Conduct Authority under number 600475. " Thank you!
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