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  1. Sarah

    CFD vs General Trading

    Hello Guys, I am a demo trader at Forex market. I am planning to enter into a real trading platform. One of my friends has told me that CDF trading is a risk for me because I am a newbie in the actual platform. Is it true? Can I lose more in CDF than a general investor? Please give me a suggestion about CDF trading.
  2. Hi, I am Sarah! I have a passion for making a profit from Forex. Now I am a demo trader. I am learning. After a few weeks, I will go to live to trade. Can you suggest me how much do I need as an initial stage of trading? I have a plan for $500. Is it worth it for me or not?
  3. Sarah

    Is Forex Forever?

    I am Sarah, who is an armature in the Forex industry. My father was a discrete Forex trader. I am also interested in doing better here. But I am perplexed to think about the future of Forex. Is it last forever? What is the security of it? Will, I put into danger in the long run? Please, can anyone help me?
  4. Hi, I am Sarah. I am a young learner of Forex. Currently, I am performing in demo trading. I am confused about starting in a live mode. Can anyone help me to choose the right pair where I can securely invest? I am puzzled.
  5. I am a new member of Forex. I have a passion for building a career here. Would you please suggest me which trading is suitable for me? - Day or Night Trading! I am perplexed. Please help me.
  6. Sarah

    Secure Trading

    I'm a newbie in Forex, and I've no guide. How can I start secure trading?
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