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  1. Pique

    Transfer Coins

    Hi, I am a doctor in the profession. Besides, I am trying to participate in online trading. By researching, I have found eToro is the best online trading platform. I am looking for an expert who can help me in giving information about transferring coins. Can anyone tell me what the requirements for transferring coins in a trading account like eToro account are?
  2. Pique

    Initial Trading Amount

    Hello, Sarah! Please don't make a hasty decision. You know a lot of experts are trading in life. One can win if one can utilize one's skills and experience entirely in Forex trading. Demo trading slightly different from live trading. I have seen that a lot of people have made a huge loss here. If you have confidence, you can try by your $500. But I suggest starting at $100. By depositing $100 deposit, you will get a bonus from the house. It will be a plus point for you. Don't become frustrated if you lose some bucks in first a few attempts. Good Luck!
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