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  1. Hello Moses, Bonds ETFs are a category of exchange-traded fund which wholly endow in bonds. They are usually the same with bonds mutual funds since they hold on to a folder of bonds. Bond mutual funds usually offer guarded and flexible returns with a low association with stocks. This makes them the best way to help foot equities that are of high risk. One drawback of investing in these bonds is that you will not have an approved price for them since they are traded without a prescription. Also, some bonds mutual funds are less liquid; thus, when the market is not performing well, then they may cease to trade. Bonds ETFs, on the other hand, are very liquid; they also pay their investors with interest regularly. These bonds are also diversified, and so you are not limited as to what amount you can own—not forgetting how easy it is to trade with these bonds, thus making them the go-to bonds for any investor. Single bonds are usually unable to offer most of the bond ETFs advantages, thus making it impracticable for most investors to buy them.
  2. Hello Moses, Actually, a couple of central banks are on the verge of coming up with their own digital currencies. For example, the JP Morgan bank, which is a commercial bank, has already created its own cryptocurrency known as the JPM coin that will be used for transaction purposes. With this coin, deals with allying business partners will be conducted at the moment. Even though most cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, this cannot stop the Central Banks from coming up with their own digital currencies. CBDCs are meant to solve issues such as ineffective payments. Though most CBDGs projects are still at their initial stages, most banks are working towards making this a reality. Therefore, it is evident that even though the majority of banks have not introduced their own cryptocurrencies, most of them are active in making sure that they can operate with them.
  3. Hello Linah, like any other financial market, CFDs are bound to make losses, although you can make profits too. Let's look at the positive side. CFD trading allows you to trade in opposition to price movements without the need to buy and sell physical shares. CFDs are easily accessible and quick to trade. This helps you make gains even when the markets are on the verge of collapsing. CFDs will magnify your return on investment since you will be trading on a margin. CFDs, unlike futures markets, allows you to trade as little as you can; this a good reason why you should take part in it. It will allow you to sell a lot of considerable stocks on major exchanges. Good luck!
  4. Hello Linah, Over the years, CFD trading has gained popularity in most regions across the world. CFD trading has so many benefits amongst them being; you are not compelled to buy an asset at its par value. Through the use of leverage, one is able to buy a place in the market at minimum utility and still gain fringe benefits from it. Despite this, you can make losses. One way in which you can incur losses is by failing to plan. Here the spreads are usually larger. You will also incur overnight charges. Margin calls are also popular. Therefore you need to know which approach to use to make it in such a market. So, it is safe to note that, like any other market, you are bound to make losses. Good luck in your trading!
  5. Hello Linah, Of course, people will want to trade in high-ranking platforms with excellent market prices. Forex has excellent brokerages and trading platforms, and therefore, gives you good reasons to deal with it. Trading forex is very profitable. You can make a living out of Forex trading. That one I can almost assure you. It's risky and yet profitable. One of these reasons is that Forex is a 24-hour market, this is a good advantage because you can choose what time you want to trade be it morning, night, just whatever time suits you because this market never sleeps. This market is also very liquid, so when the market conditions standard, you can immediately buy or sell since there will be someone ready to trade with you. Also, the transaction costs in forex trading are low; this is a good reason why you should trade with Forex.
  6. Hi Linah, FOREX, just like any other financial market, comes with risks of various forms. Trading forex is just as risky as any other investment you would make. One of the most common risks is that as you hope that for example, the value of Euro will go up in proportion to that of the U.S. Dollar, then your guess might be wrong, and the trade, therefore, moves against you. An additional risk can occur whereby you trade less popular currency pairs, and since your margin account is not well managed, then the transaction is unstable. Another risk which you can come across while trading forex is the exchange rate risk whereby the value of currency changes. Also, you will have the interest rate risk, which is caused by variations in forwarding spreads. Good luck!
  7. Hello Linah, also known as a forex trader, a forex currency trader, is one who buys and sells currencies on foreign exchange. These traders may include amateur traders who take part in trading for the sake of gaining money. They usually trade to meet their needs, and others do it to pastime. With patience and little money, then you can be a Forex trader. However, one needs to limit their losses to become a successful trader. You need to know where and how you will trade in the Forex market for you to become a Forex trader. There are three ways you can trade foreign currency; One of these ways is on a Commodity Futures Trading Commission regulated exchange. Second, by the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission and finally in off-marked exchange. After this, you are required to create a brokerage account in which you will start trading by choosing the currencies you are willing to trade. Some popular U.S forex brokers include Interactive Brokers and Forex.com. As a beginner, you should mostly trade currencies that are widely traded, such as the British pound and the U.S. dollar. These currencies usually have the smallest spreads. Good luck with starting a trading career.
  8. Hi Linah, there was a time when people used to trade during the day. However, in 1999 The Securities and Exchange Commission legalized the process of trading at night. Since then, the idea of buying or selling stocks and other contracts during the day started to feel positively quaint. Night trading is the process of buying or selling stocks and other contacts after the stock exchange closes or before the stock exchange opens. You should note that some stock exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Nasdaq only operates during the normal daily hours (from 9:30 am and 4:00 pm). You should also note that the best time to trade is when the market is active. And not all hours during the day, the market is active. Therefore, some people decide to trade for some hours during the day and some hours during the night. Trading is like freelancing. You can trade when you want as long as you can concentrate on executing the trades.
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