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  1. Hello, thank you for your question! There are also 7 main differences that separate stocks from equities. Trading on stock exchanges Stocks are parts of equity that are traded on stock markets, while equities are not traded on stock exchanges. Public participation Stocks represent general public participation through their ownership, while equities are not open to the general public, but only to specific individuals that own them. Price fluctuation Stocks are traded in high volumes, thus they are susceptible to daily price fluctuations, while equities are not traded therefore they do not suffer from price changes. Value The number of stocks multiplied by their value, gives us the market value of a company, while the number of equities multiplied by the face of the value of equities gives us the book value of the company. Disclosure in the Balance Sheet Stocks are not disclosed in the Balance sheet of the company, while the equities are disclosed. At the time of Acquisition or Merger Values of stocks are considered in times of acquisitions or mergers, while the value of equity is not considered when valuing the company during these actions. Listing on stock exchanges: For equity share to be listed as stock, equity needs to be listed on the exchange compulsory list, this is not the case with the equities, which can go unlisted.
  2. Hello Phillip, thank you for your question. ETF or an Exchange Traded Fund is a bundle of securities that can be bought or sold through brokerage firms on the stock exchange. These funds have been created recently and their goal is to offer investors excellent quality products that will help them achieve their investing goals in a swift and a secure way. ETFs may come in various forms, such as Market, Bond, Sector and Industry, Commodity, Style, Foreign Market, Inverse, Actively Managed, Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs), or as Alternative Investment ETFs. The advantages of ETFs are that they are easy to trade, transparent, tax-efficient, and trading transactions. The disadvantages of ETFs are that they can sometimes include tracking errors, illiquidity, higher trading costs, and delayed settlement dates.
  3. Hello Benjamin, The three technical indicators I’d suggest to determine the volatility of a market are the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX), the average true range (ATR), and Bollinger Bands. CBOE Volatility Index is one of the most commonly followed indicators of market volatility. This indicator is calculated through an option-pricing model which displays the current or anticipated market volatility. You will recognize this indicator by its ticker symbol, VIX. The Average True Range (ATR) computes what’s called the “true” range, establishing it as a 14-day exponential moving average of that range. Large ATR reflects higher volatility, and on the other hand, a smaller ATR indicates decreased volatility. Ultimately, Bollinger Bands are a technical indicator composed of two bands, reflecting the two standard deviations above and under the 20-day MA. Wider Bollinger Bands indicate higher volatility while narrow bands indicate lower market volatility. The last two indicators can be used in any stock. Hope you’ve got your answer.
  4. Hello Walter, Guerilla trading is a short-term strategy used in trading to bring small profits through a high number of trades, therefore reducing the risk exposure. It’s a strategy that works exceptionally well in the Forex market where there’s high liquidity and the currency pairs have a narrow trading spread. The forex market also involves high leverage, and the main idea of guerilla trading here is to cap the losses by staying in the market for a short amount of time. The technique requires a lot of patience and waiting for the best possible opportunity to make a move. An experienced guerilla trader will take advantage of these opportunities, get in and out of the market quickly to make a small profit, and wait for the next chance. It is crucial to apply this strategy only in liquid markets because only a market where you can enter and exit quickly will allow you to maintain a high number of positions.
  5. Anna Williams


    Hello, Theta is a decentralized content delivery platform, utilizing a Theta token-powered bandwidth sharing model. The emergence of video streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu happened in the same period as the rise of blockchain technology. The Theta team came up with the idea to try and merge these two within the same network. What makes the platform exceptionally appealing is the incorporation of THETA token. The primary use of the token is that the users will receive it as an award for watching specific video content. The platform has been backed by several big-name investors such as Sony, Samsung, Aelf and more. Samsung has recently announced its plan to incorporate Theta.tv in Samsung Galaxy smartphones. While it is still far from mainstream, the platform’s decentralized and blockchain-based can greatly reduce costs for delivering quality video content. According to Theta team, reduced video delivery costs also means that the viewers will spend less to money for content viewing. Best regards.
  6. What is the difference between fundamental and technical analysis in investing and trading?
  7. Anna Williams


    How to calculate the Earnings per Share ratio and what is its best use case?
  8. Anna Williams


    Why did Vodafone withdraw its full-year guidance?
  9. I’m wondering where do you see USD/JPY trading before the end of the month?
  10. Anna Williams


    Can you share your short-term outlook on Ethereum after yesterday’s move lower?
  11. Anna Williams


    Where do you see Roku stock price ending up in May? I've read somewhere that they are having difficulties with cancellations.
  12. Anna Williams


    What is the short-term outlook for the Siemens stock price?
  13. Bitcoin seems to be in the news lately with another surge in the price. In layman terms, could you share your thoughts on where do you think Bitcoin can end this month, especially bearing in mind the halving event?
  14. Anna Williams


    Hi, can you share your thoughts on the short-term outlook for the Xilinx stock price?
  15. Anna Williams


    Given the recent surge in gold prices, is it possible we hit $2,00o this year?
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