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  1. Damn guys, I remember this end of 2017. I think I was just lucky. I then made a bet that bitcoin would cost more than $15,000 and I won. I won about $50,000. Because on December 17, 2017, bitcoin reached the $19,783.06 mark, if you remember that. In General, since then I have started betting not only on bitcoin but also on sports games, and of course I used bonuses https://bet-country.com/ke/bonus/odibets-kenya-login which helped me earn many times more money.
  2. I don't know exactly but I hate when such exchanges stop working. Because this fact interrupts the process of earning money and they destroy all your plans, especially if you earn with scalping and you have to sell and buy currency every hour or even less. This is inexcusable. That is why I chose a trading platform that works very stable and every single time I enter there I have no problems. I am speaking about OQEX Bitcoin which is best in my opinion because they have Quick Deposit and withdrawal. The speed is limited only by the load on the blockchain network.
  3. I don't knw exctly but I hate when such exchanges stop working.
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