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  1. Hello, I have engaged in CFD trading recently, and I'm finding it quite difficult to adapt. I was hoping to make large sums of profit from CFD trading, but all is not well. I have exposed myself to risks and lost a large sum of money. I want to revive myself. Help me know how I can manage my risks in CFD trading.
  2. Hello, I have a cryptocurrency wallet. I was approached by some guy who said that he would trade cryptocurrency for me, and then I'll make a lot of money. He said that he'd only take 15% of the profit. It was a really good deal. So, he said that I was to purchase cryptocurrency and put it to my wallet. After that, I would open an account with a company he would tell me. Therefore, I bought the cryptocurrency and stored it in my wallet. Then I changed my mind about letting him trade for me. I had second thoughts about the guy. I didn't quite trust him. He gave me some magical figures. Now I'm wondering how I can make money with the cryptocurrency in my wallet.
  3. Hello, I am trying to relate CFD and the stock price. I keep wondering if CFD affects stock prices. And if they affect it, how do they affect it. I would like a precise explanation, please.
  4. Hello, I'm so much interested in the ETF. I would like to learn why they are more tax-efficient. ETF is popular and respected by many. It is tax-efficient, but the reason is not clear to me. Explain to me, please.
  5. Hello, I have recently started to trade CFDs. I have a mere experience in CFD trading, but I hope to build vast experience after a while. When trading, I see there is going long in CFD trading. I don't quite understand what this really means. Explain to me what this really means in CFD trading.
  6. Hello, I have noted that when I want to trade bitcoin, I see Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash. I do not know the difference, and so I am always stuck on which one I should invest in. I am wondering which one of the two is best; which one is more profitable. Or are they the same? I am so interested in cryptocurrencies. Explain to me if bitcoin and bitcoin cash is the same, please.
  7. Hello, what does going short mean in CFD? Explain to me, please.
  8. Hello, Cryptocurrency is a popular term in the modern world. Cryptocurrencies has been advertised in almost every social media platform. It's very easy to lure people to investing in cryptocurrency. I am interested in investing in cryptocurrency but I have a second thought. Are cryptocurrencies legal? Advise me, please.
  9. Hello, I would like to know if day trading is possible when trading CFD. Advise me accordingly, please.
  10. Hello, I'm planning on investment money in ETF. My only worry is the attached costs to expect. I would like to know the costs I will incur by investing money in ETF. I want to understand the kind of market I am pursuing and if it's worthwhile.
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