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  1. Hello Trevor, thank you for asking! Penny stocks or small-cap stocks are shares that are provided by small companies, and usually, their value is less than $1 per share. Characteristics of Penny stocks are that these stocks can be bought in large quantities for a small amount of money. But because investors usually buy large amounts of these stocks, this makes them volatile. When volatility is high, there is a higher risk of stock’s price fluctuating, when volatility is lower, thus stock is safer and more stable, which makes it more favorable for buying. Also what often accompanies Penny stock trading is a lack of information, which leaves it very susceptible to fraudulence, this type of stock trading is one that is most exploited and manipulated by con-artists. Another disadvantage is the low liquidity of this type of stock, since people buy large amounts for a small amount of money and there are not many interested in buying them from a second-hand source. So when engaging in Penny stocks trading it is recommended to be very cautious, knowledgeable, and be vary of any kind of stock that is unchecked and of suspicious origin.
  2. Michael97


    What is a Gartley pattern and how shall I trade it?
  3. Michael97


    Hello, I would like to hear your assessment of Ripple and its outlook in the short-term?
  4. Michael97


    What is the role of the P/E ratio and how does it help set a value on a stock?
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    Hello, I read this morning that Uber is trying to acquire Grubhub. What is the latest on the deal and if you can share your assessment on the expected impact on Uber stock price?
  6. Michael97

    FTSE 100

    Where do you see FTSE 100 trading given the new loosening of coronavirus lockdown measures?
  7. Michael97


    What is your opinion on the Dropbox stock in the light of the Q1 results?
  8. Michael97

    IBEX 35

    What is the short-term outlook for IBEX 35 given that Spain is loosening lockdown measures?
  9. Michael97

    Blockchain and 5G

    I was reading an article on blockchain's potential role in 5G and I would like to hear the opinion of other people on this topic, especially bearing in mind the huge role that 5G is expected to play in the tech industry.
  10. Michael97


    Hello, I'm new here and I would like to hear your assessment of the Uber stock? I see their quarterly results are out as the stock price is trading in a volatile fashion.
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