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  1. Hello, thank you for your question!

    Robo-advisors are online financial advisors that provide financial advice based on financial algorithms that work in such a way that by using maths they find the best way to allocate, manage, and utilize clients’ resources.

    When setting up your Robo-advisor, you as a client choose your risk and investment preferences, and according to these, Robo-advisor chooses the preferred type of investment that will bear the amount of the risk that you are comfortable with.

    They are good when you are starting off your investment routine and work best with capitals that are under $25,000. An important thing to remember about them is that they are a service, not guidance. They cannot do your thinking and planning for you. Because they are based on AI they work under a specific set of rules, which disables them from being creative and predictive.




  2. What is the latest concerning the IOTA project? How would you assess the performance of the IOTA digital coin recently?

  3. Why did the Walmart stock price explode higher today? Is there any particular reason or simply the technicals are behind the move?


    Hello, I would like to see an independent analysis of Gold prices recently? What is the likeliest outcome for Gold before the end of this month?

  4. I see that the Barratt stock price suddenly dropped after a few positive days that pushed the price higher. Why is that and what is your outlook for this stock?

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