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  1. Hi, I would like to learn more about quality of Robo-Advisors.
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    Hi Fernando and thanks for the question. In relation to Barratt, there was no particular fundamental reason behind the stock price dropping 5% yesterday. The media reported that the most likely reason for a move lower is that the investors are concerned about the second wave that may create further damage to the real estate developers. As one of the biggest house constructors in the UK, Barratt may feel a lot of heat if another round of measures is introduced. A few days ago, Barratt said it will restart work at around 50% of its construction sites following PM Johnson’s urge to get back to work. “With the phased reopening of our sites, a significant proportion of our workforce will be able to return to work during May. We have created a detailed set of working practices and protocols for employees and sub-contractors to ensure that we can reopen our construction sites safely, in a phased and measured way, which minimises risk,” CEO David Thomas said. Hence, this plunge in price may be short-term as Barratt’s workers return to the construction sites. If you are looking to buy Barratt stock, then the £3.5 support offers a solid opportunity from the technical perspective.
  3. Hi Philip, thanks for coming here. Indeed, Computacenter stock was one of the best FTSE performers today. The IT company released a trading update to note progress it made in the past few months as more companies turned toward IT-related solutions to overcome the lockdown measures. Computacenter hinted it won some big contracts as the investors are anticipating the next quarterly results. “We stated in our trading statement on 23rd April 2020 that current trading was more robust than we had anticipated at the start of the crisis. Since that date business has accelerated further and we have managed to secure some substantial technology sourcing contracts due to our ability to scale our operations to meet the demand,” the company said in a trading update. As a result, investors hurled to invest in the stock, lifting its price more than 12% today. More importantly, the stock price closed above the 100-DMA, paving the way for more gains next week. The buyers are now expected to target the £16.00 handle, which represents around a 5% premium on the current market price.
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    Hi Philip, thanks for asking the question. Cisco stock price jumped 6% today after the company announced fiscal third-quarter results. Accordingly, Cisco reported adjusted earnings of $0.79 per share, better than $0.69 per share expected from analysts. In addition, the company said it recorded a revenue of $11.98 billion, which again topped $11.70 billion expected from Wall Street, but still 8% lower compared to the same period a year ago. “The resiliency that we have been building into our business model is paying off, with software subscriptions now at 74% of our software revenue, up 9 points year over year. We are focused on driving long-term profitable growth while delivering shareholder value,” CFO Kelly Kramer said. Cisco warned that it recorded a slowdown in orders in April, which may impact the Q4 performance. As a result, the company expects to earn between $0.72 per share and $0.74 per share, which is lower than $0.79 reported for the third quarter. As a result, Cisco stock price hit the highest levels since February this year, almost erasing the coronavirus-related losses. Watch out for a move to over $45 if the buyers can keep up the positive momentum.
  5. Hi Anna, and thanks for coming here. Earnings per share (EPS) is arguably the most basic model to put a value on stock due to its simplicity. It is calculated by dividing the company's profit with the number of outstanding shares of its common stock. The formula to calculate EPS is as follows: Earnings per Share= End-of-Period Common Shares Outstanding/Net Income − Preferred Dividends What the EPS actually shows is how many dollars are earned by each share. As such, it is a valuation method focused on profitability since the higher EPS increases the value of the company and ultimately the price for new investors.
  6. Hi Trevor, thanks for asking. A symmetrical triangle is a very popular chart pattern. It is considered to be a consolidation chart formation that takes place when the price action trades sideways, without a clear bias to the upside or downside. Therefore, the symmetrical triangle is considered to be a neutral pattern as it trades sideways. It consists of two two trend lines that are converging until the intersection point. The consolidation of the price action usually results in strong breakouts that are backed by a strong volume. As any chart pattern, the symmetrical triangle is conveying a message from the market of the indecision among the sellers and buyers about the future direction of the trend direction. Still, the market may seem more inclined to move in the direction of the existing trend. In cases when, for instance, the symmetrical triangle stems from a downtrend and the price breaks lower from the triangle, it is seen as a continuation pattern as it helped the existing trend to extend. It is important to note that the symmetrical chart pattern is only in the “draft” version until the breakout occurs and activates it.
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    Hi Michael, thanks for asking. As you mentioned, Uber made a takeover approach for the meal-delivery firm Grubhub with an aim to complete the all-stock deal as early as this month. The New York Times reported that Grubhub made a counter offer, asking for two shares of Uber for each of its own. Uber is obviously trying to take on DoorDash, the largest food delivery company in the U.S., by combining its Uber Eats with Grubhub, which is currently valued at around $5.5 billion. If combined, these two would acquire a 55% market share. However, the takeover attempts have drawn strong criticism For instance, Uber Eats’ market share would rise to almost 80% in New York, creating a monopoly. “How is this better for the citizens in New York City? I think [regulators] will very keenly focus on that,” said William Kovacic, a former chair of the US Federal Trade Commission. Uber stock price gained around 2.5% yesterday on the news before the sellers were able to erase all gains and push the price action lower. The real winner of the day was Grubhub, who saw its shares skyrocket nearly 30% on the reported takeover talks.
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    Hi Michael, thanks for the question. Simply said, Dropbox stock is booming. Shares of the company are up 13% in the past few days after it reported a first-ever quarterly profit, which came three quarters earlier than previously anticipated. Dropbox reported adjusted earnings of $0.17 per share, higher than $0.14 expected from the market. Sales came in at $455 million, marking a surge of 18% compared to the same period a year ago. “We had a strong first quarter as we rallied together to support our customers and our community during this unprecedented public health crisis,” CEO Drew Houston said. Even more importantly, Dropbox has registered a surge in active users in March as millions of people were trapped home. Since more and more companies are encouraging remote work, Dropbox stock may push much higher. Shares of the company are trading around $23, with the bulls eyeing $23.70 and $24 as their next targets.
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    FTSE 100

    Hi Michael, thanks for asking this question. It’s hard to provide the FTSE 100 short-term outlook as the price action looks quite choppy in the past few days. Despite the fact that PM Boris Johnson presented a multi-stage plan to loosen the lockdown measures, which should lead to the increased economic and business activity, the FTSE 100 couldn’t move higher. The Government urged workers to return to work if they cannot work from home, which should help the embattled economy. As a result, the bulls pushed the index higher during the PM’s speech but failed to hold onto those gains later in the day. Therefore, I believe that the short-term risk for the FTSE 100 is to pull back to 5,800 after it failed to keep its head above 6,000.
  10. Hello Michael and thanks for coming here. The 5G network is the next big thing. It’s incredibly fast as it reached a download speed of more than 1 GB per second. One of the recent reports showed the expected increase in the 5G connections from around 10.0 million in 2019 to 1.01 billion in 2023. Blockchain has a similar potential as well. It looks like a potent combination on the paper. For instance, mobile banking networks would benefit immensely from the speed of 5G and security that blockchain provides. Although interoperability and scalability are likely to act as two major obstacles to the integration of both technologies, there’s definitely a case for these two combining its strengths to facilitate a huge number of potential use cases.
  11. Criss Edward

    L Brands

    Hello Michael, thank you for coming here. The reason why shares of L Brands jumped higher yesterday was that the Bank of Montreal (BMO) upgraded the L Brands stock from “market perform” to “outperform”. This came after L Brands, the owner of the fashion brand Victoria Secret, announced it terminated an agreement to sell the brand. “It will become harder to ignore underlying fundamental value. Although, we expect further COVID-19 driven challenges and negative sentiment [surrounding the stock],” BMO analysts wrote. Moreover, shares of the company were boosted as stores of Victoria Secret have started reopening across the globe.
  12. Hi Trevor, thanks for the question. Yes indeed, shares of Bloomin’ Brands surged higher yesterday after the company posted the latest quarterly results. As you are probably aware, the company owns restaurant chains, such as Outback Steakhouse and Carrabba’s Italian Grill. Despite the fact that its restaurants had been closed across the country, Bloomin’ Brands said its sales tripled on a huge increase in the carryout and delivery segment of its business. As a result, the surge in these segments offset losses from the fact that restaurants were closed. Therefore, the stock price surged as investors were expecting a darker outcome for the company. This move helped the stock to erase earlier losses from the week and finish 6% in green.
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