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  1. Hello, I would like to know the amount of money needed for day trading.
  2. Hi, I would like to learn about the meaning of black candlesticks in stock charts.
  3. Can you briefly explain the concept of risk and return?
  4. Marko Jovicic


    Can you share your assessment of EOS price action? Also, if there’s anything connected to fundamental developments that is worth mentioning
  5. Marko Jovicic


    What is the latest concerning the Litecoin project? Where do you see the LTC price trading in the near future?
  6. Marko Jovicic


    Why did EUR/USD move suddenly lower today? How would you assess the recent movements in this pair?
  7. Marko Jovicic


    What happened at Lowe’s that the price jumped so much higher today?
  8. Marko Jovicic


    Why have shares of Spotify surged today?
  9. Marko Jovicic


    What is the prospect for DAX in the short-term following the latest information released from Germany's Bundesbank?
  10. Marko Jovicic

    PSA - FCA

    What is the latest on the FCA - PSA merger? I read in the news that two car companies are struggling to reach an agreement.
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