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  1. Dear Sir or Madam, in spring 2019, a Mr. Prato of Ironfx has called and promised profits: On 08.03.2019 at 17:47 Christian Prato wrote: > sure 30% profit per week > 50% bonus good money I doubt it. It then called Mr. Seiler: Hello Mr. Kurz, I'm the Sascha Seiler, have talked last night, I'm a senior broker on CFD for 16 years. I have completed undergraduate degrees in Harvard for Finance Economics, Master and DR in Oxford for Finance, I apply for 12 licenses as a FINANCIAL BROKER and manage a portfolio of 131 clients. We are reachable under: 00441613941947. The bank details where you make the transfer will only be found on your Ironfx account as soon as you want to transfer. Kind regards Sascha Seiler He had promised so many before that Ironfx with various registration number. is registered with various regulatory agencies and even sponsored by Formula One. Constant calls Since I do not understand anything about this trade, I was promised that I would be taken care of and the caregiver would look at my account. The paid € 250 were less and less. I could not find out what happened. I demanded take the money back via email and live chat, without a single feedback or refund. The account is still there, the live chat have simply turned off. Despite multiple feedback, I have not received the money. On telephone I can reach nobody. Sincerely Georg Kurz
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