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  1. Hello Komu, Buying and selling options for exchange-traded funds is an excellent alternative to investing in stocks. Many exchange-traded funds use several financial tools such as commodities, bonds, and stocks in their trading. Exchange-traded funds also provide options as their financial instrument that aim to generate a significant profit from the bonus that you generate from selling an option. Options may also generate their income from how volatile a risk premium is to trading strategies used while dealing with options. One of the best option based ETF is the Invesco S&P 500 BuyWrite ETF. This ETF typically invests more than 90% of its funds in the securities, including the essential index, and will sell the call options afterward. First Trust Hedged buy-sell income ETF aims at providing the prevailing income. This fund invests in equity bonds registered in the U.S. exchanges. It utilizes an option technique that requires buying the U.S. ETF put options a certain index and selling the call option on the same index. Overlay shares core Bond ETF is another option-based ETF whose aim is to get the total benefit of an investment. It is actively managed and tries to reach its goal by dealing with more than one or one ETF whose aim is to be submitted on how U.S. Dollar, or other securities that this ETF deals with performs. It can also achieve this by trading short-term put options listed to create earnings for this fund.
  2. Hi Komu, People are starting to shift their attention from the Forex market, investing in cryptocurrencies. Most investors will want to invest in cryptocurrencies that can serve them for a long time. Bitcoin, for example, is the most known and commonly used crypto across the globe. It is accepted in a good number of countries where you can comfortably use it to make purchases. Bitcoin is on the top as the best virtual currency you can trade with for a long time. Ethereum is the second-best currency for long-term investments. It incorporates excellent engagements to the blockchain it uses. The volatility in Ethereum is increasing, one reason you can use it as an alternative to Bitcoin. Binance Coin, whose benefits range from allowing an investor to trade it in large quantities to having very fair transaction costs, is another excellent cryptocurrency for long-term investment. Binance stability is also exceptional relative to other cryptos. Stellar, another great cryptocurrency whose blockchain makes it more attractive to the investors. It also incorporates excellent contract protocols hence making it attractive to big institutions other than the companies that offer financial services. Ripple is also a good choice for long-term investments. Many financial corporations are choosing it as their blockchain. NEM is also not left behind in this list. NEM is useful in both enterprise and commercial purposes. The main aim of NEM is to facilitate direct transactions. Litecoin is now aiming at becoming the principal peer-to-peer cryptocurrency in facilitating payments. It is also a good investment option for long-term purposes.
  3. Hi Cedric, Distribution Denial-of-service is a cyber-attack whereby hackers overwhelm the servers of exchanges with many requests than the server can control. The exchanges are usually unable to cease these attacks since multiple sources are typically attacked. Crypto exchanges have currently had these attacks after other platforms such as the banking systems and online shops. Cryptocurrencies are generally digital. Therefore, right from when they are created, to trading them, these processes typically take place online. Cryptocurrencies being decentralized, neither the government nor the banks have control over them. This is usually different in the case of fiat currencies. The DDoS attack is one risk that the cryptocurrencies face for being virtual currencies. A DDoS attack on a cryptocurrency may result in losing your revenue and damaging the tools used to mine and trade the cryptocurrencies. A DDoS attack means that you cannot access your crypto wallet and your trading account. You will also end up making losses since you cannot trade your cryptocurrency. The DDoS attack can go as much as affecting the value of a cryptocurrency. Hackers may employ DDoS attacks so that they can make gains by asking for massive amounts so that they can stop the attack. Cryptocurrency markets should safeguard themselves with strong DDoS protection to keep their cryptocurrencies safe.
  4. Hello Komu, CFD are day by day, becoming popular mostly due to its flexibility while trading. You can earn a profit from CFD when the market is either rising or falling. When you speculate that the prices will rise, you may go long (sell), and if you think that the prices will fall, you may decide to go short (buy) your market position. Either way, you will make a profit if your speculation is right. You need to critically analyze the CFD market and understand how it works before you start trading. However, the CFD market is characterized by some facts that you need to know about before you invest. One fact about the CFD market is that you need to gamble on the price changes before deciding whether you want to buy or sell your market position. The speculation part in CFD makes them a high-risk investment. You may quickly make losses if the market moves against what you speculate. This is why there is a need for you to understand this market before you take part in it fully. Another fact with CFD markets is that you can lose more than what you had invested. For this to occur, what your speculation was may not happen; hence the market moves against you. You can however, minimize the loss you can make by using a stop-loss order. Also, the market markers in the CFD market come up with their prices. The broker sets the buying and selling prices so that if there is a variation in the supply and demand when the market's liquidity is low, the differences are compensated.
  5. Hi Komu, Traders in a Forex market mainly aim at making a profit from their trades. Many traders in this market are often distinguished depending on the hoe long they hold a position in the market. You can choose a trading style that is best for you, depending on your trading strategies and objectives. The various trading styles you can employ in a Forex market are position trading, swing trading, day trading, and scalping. All these trading styles have characteristics that make them different from one another. As you focus on the differences between swing trading and scalping, it is good to know that these trading styles can be similar in some ways. In scalping, you focus on making a small profit and minimizing your risk of losses by pacing multiple trades that you hold for a short time. Swing trading, on the other hand, you employ various charts and technical analysis to see where you can make a profit. You hold a market for two days to several weeks. In swing trading, you use weekly or daily charts to analyze the market movement while in scalping, you employ tick charts to study the market trends. Most times, in scalping, the decision you make may be rapid since you hold the market position for a few minutes. In swing trading, however, you have ample time to decide whether you want to buy or sell your market position. Scalping is best suited for traders who have proper experience with the Forex market trends. In swing trading, however, a beginner, intermediate, or an experienced trader can trade in the market. These trading styles have their risks. You need to select one that you are comfortable to trade with.
  6. Hello Cedric, Exchange-traded funds are seen as more liquid than other mutual funds hence making them a better investment option. They are primarily diversified, and you can trade them in the financial market at any time, these are some of the reasons why they are seen as more liquid. There are primary and secondary components that make ETF highly liquid. The primary factors include the ETF elements and the number of securities in an ETF that are traded. According to the composition of ETF, you can trade ETFs using various instruments such as futures and equities. For example, if you sell ETFs as an Equity, you need to know that certain copy indices. Other ETF will deal in a particular market. The trading volume is affected by the market price, which, in return, influences the liquidity of an ETF. The securities whose risks are low have a high trading volume; hence their liquidity is also high. ETF that are more actively traded have higher liquidity. The secondary elements include the specific ETF trading volume and the environment in which the ETF is invested. The trading volume barely affects the liquidity of the ETF. ETF that deal with stocks are most times traded, and their liquidity compared to others may be slightly different. If investors desire to trade in a certain market, the ETF in that market will highly trade, therefore becoming highly liquid. The liquidity in ETF differ, and the securities it has to affect it, which in turn affects the trading volume.
  7. Hi Danny, Blockchain is most popular in the cryptocurrency world. It is the technology that helps to keep records of the transactions that take place with cryptocurrencies. A blockchain is a digital information that is stored in a public database (public ledger). The digital data is in the form of blocks and where the information is kept in the chains. Hence the name blockchain. In cryptocurrencies, the blocks store information about the crypto transactions and the identities of people taking part in those transactions. As the name suggests, blockchain is made up of many blocks put together. For a block of a cryptocurrency to be included in the blockchain, a transaction has to occur. The transaction also needs to be verified. In cryptocurrencies, the identity of the person taking part in a certain transaction is not shown; this is however, not the case in other platforms that use blockchains.
  8. Hello Cedric, Despite the many similarities that exist between CFD and Forex trading, these two vary in various ways. A contract for difference is a consensus between two parties to exchange the difference in the opening and closing price of an essential asset without necessarily owning the asset. In CFD, you speculate if an asset's price will rise or fall and, therefore, decide whether you want to buy or sell the asset. Forex trading involves exchanging different currencies in the decentralized foreign exchange market. Trading CFD is more flexible since the market offers a variety of financial instruments to trade with. What determines the price in both markets is also a vital difference between these markets. In CFDs, the market price depends on the availability and demand of the essential tool being traded. In the Forex market, however, the currencies' costs may vary depending on the economic measures, amongst other factors. The Forex market operates for 24 hours each day for almost the whole week. You therefore, can trade at any time you want. The CFD market, however, trades depending on the underlying market. The spread is the main market cost incurred in both markets. However, in CFD, you can incur other costs depending on the conditions of the essential asset being traded. In CFD, you may incur overnight costs for holding a position overnight. Your transaction costs may also incur commission fees. The contract size in CFD is steady. In CFD, the contract size varies depending on the tool you are trading. When choosing the market to trade in, the guiding element is your goals, what you prefer, and the risk diversification. You can decide to trade both if you have enough knowledge and how to deal with both fields.
  9. Hi Cedric, Forex breakouts occur when the price of stock exit a certain support level and as its size increases. If the cost of the stock breaks above the support level, the trader will enter a long position. Contrarily, if it breaks below the support level, the trader will enter a short position. Breakouts are essential in the Forex market since they form the basis for volatility increase in the future and also influence the movement in prices. Breakout depends on the time frame it will occur. However, this does not affect the greatness that the breakout trading strategy offers. You need to check the resistance level of the underlying asset when trading using breakouts. The outcome will get when the stock price breaks out and there are support levels, therefore, is for an extended period.
  10. Hello Cedric, As cybercrimes continue to increase, most investors are looking into investing in ETF that can help carb the situation. Investors can make gains following this trend by dealing with cybersecurity ETF. One reason why cybersecurity exchange-traded funds are on demand is due to the overdependence in information technology networks. Most infrastructural fields depend on IT systems. This field may include the communication sector, transport sector, and also the financial factor. Many financial activities take place online. ETF is one of the financial sector instrument it carries out its transactions on the web and hence the need to use IT systems. Demand for cybersecurity ETF is also on the rise since the risks that come with the information systems are increasing. Such risks may include attacks on transactions and quick technological development. Also, the need to secure your information while dealing with ETF is another reason why the cybersecurity ETF are highly demanded. Cybersecurity ETF will provide you proper security, therefore, minimizing the chance that your funds will fall into bad hands.
  11. Hello Komu, Swing trading uses technical analysis to study the market and look for opportunities for trade. It is a trading style that tries to apprehend profits in financial instruments such as stocks or bonds. This attempt may take place from a few days to a couple of weeks. The traders in swing trading may also employ essential analysis to study the market prices and how they move. In swing trading, you should hold your market position for some days at a particular trading session. Swing trading is ideal for those who cannot be glued to their screens, although the trading day so that they can analyze the market charts. Swing trading aims to identify the price movements that can result in profits. Most swing traders typically look into identifying the movement in price and from that go looking for the next market opportunity.
  12. Hello Danny, Opening a demo account should be the first objective of a prospective Forex investor. From here, you will know the trading strategies you can use and learn the market patterns without using your money. A demo account enables you to understand how the Forex trading platform works. You will learn how to place market orders and analyze the charts that you can use to know the market's technical analysis. It also allows you to see the market movements. You will understand how the price changes, and you can make the right decision for you. You also learn the various risks that you will face when the market moves in a certain direction. It helps you know the risk associated with leverage such that you know that there is a possibility that you can make a good profit and, at the same time, make huge losses. A demo account also allows you to study the market trends, check the changes in prices of various currencies, and how they are related to one another, and from there, you come up with your trading techniques.
  13. Hello Komu, It is advisable for every Forex trader, especially if you are new in this market, that you make use of demo accounts. As much as demo accounts are important, they come along with some downsides. Apart from the time you spend trying to learn how to place trades with these accounts, you hardly lose anything. The downsides which come with a demo account should guide the traders on the Forex brokers they should open an account with. Some Forex demo accounts have inadequate features and are not easily available. It would be best if you dealt with Forex brokers who provide demo accounts that are almost similar to the real Forex trading accounts. A demo account also makes the traders more careless. In demo accounts, you use fake money, and therefore in case you lose the money, you will hardly feel the pain. A demo account does not expose you to the real risk that you will face while trading using a real trading account hence making traders careless. A demo account allows you to improve your trading skills, lest a trader faces difficulties in making the trading decisions while dealing with real money, and goes through the pain of losing a good amount of money while trading. The trader will not understand the risks of trading in Forex and how you can avoid it in the future.
  14. Hello Komu, CFD trading is an acceptable form of investment where you can make a good profit if the market favors you. However, you can also make losses if the market moves against you. The first big choice you need to make is in the broker you want to deal with to succeed in CFD trading. The broker you choose will largely influence how successful you will be in CFD trading. Before selecting one, you need to ask him several questions, after which you will decide whether you want to work with him or not. One question you need to ask your broker is about the margin requirement. If a broker offers a margin requirement, then what you need to deposit first will be less than the actual amount. If the broker gives a large amount of leverage, you will be more flexible in utilizing your capital. It would help if you enquired whether the broker offers a stop-loss order. Stop-loss orders help minimize losses in case a certain trade moves against you. You can also ask whether the broker offers spreads and if they do, how narrow are they? Before you enter any trade, always make sure that the spread is much so that you can gain a good trade. It would be best if you also asked the assets classes that the platform offers so that you can go for the one that suits you best. Another central question you should also ask is the fees that the broker charges. You need to consider if the money you will spend on the costs is worth the broker's services.
  15. Hello Danny, A Listed CFD is a consensus between a CFD broker and an investor to swap the differences in the opening market price of a share and its closing price. Listed CFDs are registered on the London Stock Exchange. The prices of Listed CFDs are fair, and therefore investors can trade them at any time during the trading day. Here a stockholder can open a share position at a small amount. Therefore the possibility of making a considerable amount of profit is high. In listed CFDs, an investor buys the current CFD market position that has a possibility 0f making a good profit. The investor buys this position at the speculative entry-level and pays an amount at this level, depending on the prevailing share price. If an investor speculates that the market prices of the shares will rise, they can decide to go long in the position. On the contrary, if they suspect that the costs of the shares will increase, they may opt to go short in the market position. One major benefit of listed CFDs is that they give investors full revelation on the price movements of the underlying assets. Listed instruments are also a limited liability such that an investor cannot lose more than they will invest.
  16. Hello Komu, CFD markets operate for an extended time, therefore the cost of the contract can rise if one speculates that the value of the underlying asset will increase with time. To succeed as a CFD trader, you need to learn how to identify the factors that trigger the market to move in a certain direction. It will help you spot various opportunities that can turn out profitable if you place a trade. Identifying an opportunity in a CFD market will depend on the factors that you will point out and with which will trigger the need to behave in a certain way. Depending on how the economy behaves, you can spot a CFD opportunity. Therefore, the economy may move in a certain direction, giving way to several opportunities that CFD traders can use to benefit themselves. Industry triggers affect the market prices and hence the decisions made by investors. If the industry moves in a favorable direction, the investors will spot this opportunity and therefore follow it, hoping they will make a profit. World affairs also influence how CFD investors respond to the opportunities it may present. For example, when there are problems such as terrorist attacks and bad weather conditions in a certain country, the value of CFDs may fall. Opportunities for CFD traders may also be less in such a situation.
  17. Hello Danny, When you hear about cryptocurrencies, the first thing that strikes your mind in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency across the globe. It was the first cryptocurrency to come to the market, after which the altcoins resurfaced. Bitcoin is different from other cryptocurrencies, and most investors prefer it to other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency in the storage of value. With Bitcoin, you can purchase commodities. For you to buy, however, it will depend on whether your country recognizes Bitcoin and have made it legal. The security that Bitcoin offers to its investors is way better than that of other cryptocurrencies. The security has attracted so many investors and therefore diversifying its usage. Bitcoin is also readily available compared to other cryptocurrencies. Many exchanges take place around the world, involving Bitcoin compared to their counterparts. It is available in large amounts thanks to the many hardware available to support its mining. Bitcoins software and implementations are more relative to other digital currencies. Many entrepreneurs are creating firms intending to make Bitcoin more useful.
  18. Hello Komu, Before you mine cryptocurrencies, you need to look for various mining pools and pick out the best. When mining cryptocurrencies, you will employ multiple devices on the internet to help fund your resources so that you can carry out the intricate calculations required to create data. You can also do the mining with other miners with whom you will split what you mine equally. Typically, mining pools involve mining with a group of miners with whom you will share the mining rewards. You will share the rewards depending on the mining hash power each miner contributes. Mining pools are classified according to the percentage of hash power that a pool controls and the pool's location. The slush pool is one of the best mining pools. Though it is old, it is well known for being accurate and a stable mining pool. Its hash power is around 11%. Poolin is another excellent mining pool. It is located in China, and its hash power is about 18%. F2pool, whose location is in China, is another good mining pool. The total hash power goes to around 17%. BTC.com is also a good mining pool. It is usually public; therefore, anyone can join it. Its hash power is about 15%. The location of the pool matters less when choosing a good mining pool.
  19. Hello Komu, Mining cryptocurrencies is not a walk in the park. However, you get rewards for mining the cryptos. Cryptocurrency miners often find this venture challenging as you have to incur so many costs. A single mining pool is usually shared by several miners who contribute their resources to make the mining successful. The rewards they get are generally shared amongst them. A cryptocurrency miner should check on various factors before selecting a certain mining pool. You should check the clarity of the pool by the person operating it. The pool operator needs to perform some operations equitably so that there are trust and transparency among the miners. You also need to access the pool stability before you join. Some security factors you need to check are such as the connection the pool offers, and how it can protect you if hackers attack. Another factor you need to check is how a pool assigns tasks to its miners. You need to know whether the pool distributes work fairly among the miners. Whether the devices you use to mine are amicable to the pool is another factor you need to consider. You need to know which pool will support the software you have and the ones that cannot. Another essential factor you ought to check is the costs you will incur while using a certain pool.
  20. Hello Komu, An institutional investor is a firm that trades securities for the sake of its members. Institutional investors play a crucial role in the market's behavior and on the prices of the assets. ETF investors in many securities so that they can qualify to be treaded in such a manner. Institutional investors are there to help traders who do not have enough money to place their investments in large banks. Institutional investors are rapidly growing in exchange-traded funds. They are making use of ETF to get exposure to the investment portfolio. Also, they are using ETF to create strategies that they use in resource allocation. Institutional investors are also using exchange-traded funds to protect their portfolio against volatility. ETF have also played a vital role in institutional investors, such as insurance companies, to invest in excess and stock assets. Because of the many benefits institution investors derive from ETF, many of them are choosing ETF for them to achieve their investment goals.
  21. Brian

    What are index ETF?

    Hello Danny, Index ETF seek to copy and follow a standard index as closely as it can. Index exchange-traded funds act the same way as to index mutual funds; just that index ETF can be redeemed all through the trading day with more than one price. Index ETF allow investors to gain revelation to many securities in each transaction. It trades just like stocks, and they are becoming popular each day since they provide the stockholders' strategies that are economical and diverse. The two types of index ETF include are those that replicate the general market and those that seek to track a specific part of the whole market. Index ETF do not excellently track the essential index since there is a chance that a tracking error will occur. Index ETF symbolize the many opportunities in the market that an investor will choose from the ones available in the market. Many index providers give many securities that the investors can select from, and they also try to minimize the yield of the securities. Index ETF can be grouped as open-ended mutual funds or donor trusts. Either way, the guidelines that regulate index ETF are different. Limit orders and margins can be used to trade index ETF.
  22. Hello Komu, Exchange-traded funds are diversified, and their costs are usually low, which is why they are continuing to gain popularity among investors. ETF can be used to achieve many investment benefits. ETF need to continue being used well so that they can achieve more benefits. To accomplish this, investors need to use them in a particular way to achieve these benefits. You can use ETF as an index investment option for your portfolio. You can use them in the equity sector and the fixed-income industry. In the latter, you will find ETF that follow various bond indexes both in the long-run and in the short-run. You can diversify your portfolio by using ETF that have a working management technique. Though ETF have active management in terms of the money manager, this should not stop the stockholders from being actively involved in their stocks. As an investor who does not actively manage a portfolio that runs for an extended period, you can actively involve yourself in ETF to improve the taste of your portfolio. ETF are good investment vehicles for investors who like trading by frequently moving into and out of the market. You pay commissions while dealing with exchange-traded funds. Therefore, this can be a good option for investors who prefer commissions to fees in their portfolio. Exchange-traded funds are easy to comprehend and use. Their taxes are efficient and have an effective cost. You can use them for your portfolio in various ways.
  23. Hello Komu, Cybersecurity exchange-traded funds are those that venture in stocks of firms in the cybersecurity industry. Such firms comprise those that build and manage security systems intended to cushion computer networks. Cybersecurity ETF are an excellent investment option since they protect you from cybercrimes, which are increasing. Investing in cybersecurity ETF makes you vulnerable to the leading cybersecurity stocks across the globe. Since cybercrimes keep on growing day by day, investing in ETF that can help you protect against this is a plus. Cybersecurity exchange-traded funds are one way you can benefit from cybercrime trends. Any form of investment involves taking up certain risks. Investing in cybersecurity ETF comes with other expenses that you will incur. You should carefully weigh the risks you have to take, the profits and losses you may incur before choosing the ETF you want to invest in.
  24. Hello Cedric, Exchange-traded funds trade the same way as stocks. However, investors often confuse them with mutual funds since ETF and mutual funds have some similarities; they are not the same. Similar to stocks, in ETF, you contribute a certain amount of money to a fund. The fund will then invest in fixed assets. ETF trading takes place through a broker who usually charges you a commission. To make money from ETF, investors trade them diligently at certain times throughout the trading day. ETF prices fluctuate more often, so you need to check the prices at various points, then you select the time you want to trade. As an ETF investor, you can set a market order where you direct the broker to trade at the prevailing market price. You can also set a limit order, where you instruct the broker to place a trade at a specific price depending on whether you want to buy or sell. The type of ETF investment you are holding will influence the way you will make money. As an ETF investor, you may deal with bonds, stocks, or properties such as apartments. The amount of money you will make will depend on how the value of your investments will grow. You can make money from the income that your bonds will yield. You can also make money from the rent generated from the properties you invest in.
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