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  1. Is it better to save money or invest in financial markets?
  2. Predrag V

    Bitcoin price

    Where do you see Bitcoin trading in June?
  3. Predrag V

    Texos XTZ

    What is the latest concerning the Tezos platform and its digital coin?
  4. Predrag V

    Telefonica telecom

    Why did shares of Telefonica jump today? Is there any particular reason for it or simply due to technical reasons?
  5. Predrag V

    DAX Index

    Why is DAX pushing higher while other European indices seem to struggle?
  6. Predrag V


    Why did the Zilliqa coin explode higher yesterday?
  7. Predrag V


    Where do you see EUR/USD trading at the end of this week?
  8. Predrag V


    What is the difference between primary and secondary markets?
  9. Predrag V

    Home Depot

    Why did the Home Depot stock hit record highs when almost all stocks trade lower as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic?
  10. Predrag V


    I wanted to invest in XRP but I would like to hear your assessment of this digital coin in the first place. Where do you see XRP trading before the end of this year?
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